Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor, it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living”

Peter Walsh

I am spending some short time in United Kingdom and this is your chance to have an organising service for your house in 2023!

Do you feel overwhelmed at home?

I can help you to take care of your home in order to give you more time to spend with the whom you love.

  • Home Organizer
  • Cleaning
  • Pet Sitter

Home Organizer:

The process goes through the following phases:

  • Space planning according to the needs of each client and personal routine;
  • Support for Decluttering and Re-signification of items;
  • Categorization of clothes and objects from the space;
  • Use of products and methods for easy maintenance;
  • Instruction and training of the client/responsible;
  • Return visit (after about 30 days) for evaluation and possible adaptation of any suggestions.

  • Important: The entire organization process is conducted with great attention and real talk with the client, respecting their requests and adapting to each reality.


I care deeply about the environment, and can help you to find environmentally friendly ways to deal with your unwanted items where possible, including donation and recycling options.
I advocate doing what we can, and forgiving what we can’t.

GET IN TOUCH: +44 7548 927 513